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Learn To Fly 2 Hacked

Learn To Fly 2 Hacked is a colorful exciting online flash game, new amazing unlocked version of the game Learn To Fly 2. They say penguins cannot fly. But you should know, there exist extraordinary ones with unbelievable ambitions. So the penguin needs some help to fly as far as possible and that is our job. Tools for that can be got from the shop which sells accessories and upgrades that will improve aerodynamics of our brave penguin. In the first part of the game the penguin used to crash into an iceberg, trying to prove it can fly. In this part the mission is still the flight, but from now on we have many more devices in the shop which will surely help our pilot get even to equator. In general you need to fly as far as possible, speeding down and flying up into the sky. The further you fly the more money you deserve, be sure to spend it on upgrades. Once again: It is necessary to buy improvements to fly as far as possible, to a larger distance. All this will help the penguin to reach new heights! The game is quite interesting. Those who played the first will surely understand so no praises are necessary, it speaks for itself. Play at least once and you will not leave away. Wonderful graphics and interesting gameplay will not leave you indifferent. So we advice you to try this interesting game. Controls are also very simple: mouse in the menu, Left/Right arrows keys, A and D buttons change the penguin`s angle during flight, “Spacebar” initiates rockets and other high-speed devices, other keys activate special tools such as springs.

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